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The General Ledger program is a fully integrated, self-balancing, double-entry ledger system capable of controlling all HUD accounts as well as other Non-Profit fund accounting ledgers.


  • Tracks an unlimited number of funds (ledgers). Each fund can have a different fiscal year end.
  • Accommodates up to 10 account segments of up to 10 digits or letters per segment, so we can handle the most complicated account number structures.
  • Automatically maintains inter-fund (Due to/Due From) balance entries.
  • Drill-down capabilities allow you to quickly determine account details.
  • Distributes funds across multiple projects.
  • User defined allocation tables allow for easy and efficient distribution of amounts across accounts and funds.
  • Funds can be open for multiple years/periods. If you post to a past fiscal year closing entries are automatically generated so all current year financial reports are up to date.
  • Maintains multiple journal vouchers at once with the ability to edit entries at later dates.
  • Ability to generate Multi-Fund side-by side comparison spreadsheets.
  • Ability to export all reports to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Ability to easily copy and reverse Journal Entries for more efficient data entry.
  • Ability to import spreadsheets into journal vouchers.
  • Ability to copy one funds chart of accounts to a new fund.
  • All Transaction history is kept on line so past reports are always available.
  • User defined Journals.
  • Several Budget Comparison reports in various column formats.
  • Maintains history for funds that are inactive.
  • User defined Reports groups allow for easier financial reports.
  • Includes a custom Financial Report Writer for user defined financial reports. Perfect for create Project Manager AMP reports and custom Board reports.
  • Includes many built-in reports, including HUD’s Financial Data Schedule (FDS).
  • Fully compliant with GAAP and HUD audit requirements.
  • Produces HUD Balance Sheet and Statement of Operating Receipts and Expenditures.
  • Generates a detailed balance sheet and annual report on all account or set of accounts showing each month’s net change and ending balance.
  • Perform data entry for future months.
  • Fiscal years may be opened for budgeting and not allow for posting until the fiscal year starts.Allocation tables allow users to distribute an expenditure for a given expense across several funds or several project based accounts in the same ledger.
  • Automated integration with the Housing Intelligence Portal application that allows staff to monitor Key Performance indicators of Fiscal Management.
  • Integrated Document Imaging allows the user to scan, view, print, email and/or fax (with a fax server) archived documents.

Program Integration

The General Ledger program integrates with the Tenant Accounts Receivable, Section 8 Tenant & Landlord, Payroll, Fixed Assets Inventory, Consumable Inventory, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, and Check Reconciliation programs so data is entered only once.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the WinTen2+ line of products, developed by Tenmast Software.