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WinTen² Fixed Assets Inventory allows your housing authority to track and manage all of your fixed assets. The program calculates depreciation and disposal of your agency’s items of capital inventory and allows for direct posting to the General Ledger. Each item’s record includes its make, model, serial number, inventory number, current inventory location, acquisition data, and depreciation history and projections.

Your agency has unlimited flexibility in defining locations and location groups for your assets. A location tells you exactly where an asset is. Most locations are units, but other locations could include common areas, warehouses, maintenance buildings, and administrative offices.

You can create an asset listing report for your entire agency or for a specific location. A tenant can sign an asset listing report when moving in, acknowledging responsibility for the property in the new unit. An inspector can use an asset listing report to check the property in a unit or at any other location. Location groups allow you to categorize locations for reporting and management analysis. You can create multi-level location groups—you can have groups within other groups.

Program Integration

The Fixed Assets Inventory program integrates with the General Ledger and Purchase Order programs.

General Ledger

Data affecting other WinTen² programs automatically integrates with those programs “live,” in real time. This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures that all users have current information. Fixed assets will appear automatically on your balance sheet. You can also choose to have depreciation post directly to your general ledger, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Fixed Assets :

"Fixed Assets " is part of the WinTen2+ line of products, developed by Tenmast Software.