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Applicant List is the first point at which an applicant’s data enters the Tenmast system. Applicant List allows you to track the individual records of an unlimited number of subsidized housing applicants, as well as their positions on an unlimited number of waiting lists.

Program Integration

As with all WinTen² software, Applicant List is designed to integrate with other programs in the WinTen² product line. This data sharing allows for more efficient operation, as multiple programs can pass data back and forth without the need for operator intervention. Here is how Applicant List integrates with the following other WinTen² modules:

Occupancy and Rent Calculation, Tenants Account Receivable and Section 8

When a prospective tenant becomes an actual tenant, you record the move-in by transferring the tenant’s record from Applicant List to Occupancy and Rent Calculation using our House applicant wizard. All eligibility rules are applied at that time. All tenant data and notes are available in the other housing applications. When a new applicant is added all these modules are searched for past tenant activity and open balances.

Rent Reasonableness and Inspections

If the tenant is moving into a Section 8 unit, you can attach the data that Rent Reasonableness has on that unit to the tenant’s record while you are moving the record into Occupancy and Rent Calculation. You can also request an inspection as part of the Request for Lease Approval (RFLA) process.

TranSend (PIC Submission)

The Applicant List program automatically creates issuance and expiration of voucher 50058 records for submission to PIC.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Applicant List:

"Applicant List" is part of the WinTen2+ line of products, developed by Tenmast Software.