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The MAIS Utility Billing module provides a comprehensive system of billing for multiple services, such as Water, Sewer, Solid Waste, and Recycling with a complete Complaint Log/Work Order system.


  • Fully integrated with General Ledger, Cash Receipting and Fixed Assets.
  • Ability to handle an unlimited number of customers and an unlimited amount of customer history. The amount of data stored is constrained only by the amount of hard disk storage.
  • Utility payments are processed through the MAIS Cash Receipting module. Payments update the utility accounts immediately. General Ledger is updated when the cash register is cashed out for the day.
  • Changes to rates and rate structures can be input with “effective dates“. Rates can be changed for one group of customers without affecting others. Rate changes are accomplished by simply updating a table of rates. Metered rates can be set for tiered pricing based on volume.
  • Ability to calculate user discounts, credits and surcharges.
  • Invoice programs and printing of customer bills in the format requested with detail for all metered and non-metered charges and miscellaneous fees, including fees generated by work orders.
  • Meter ”exception“ reports indicating accounts with no meter reading for the billing period to allow rereads to occur prior to billing.
  • Customer bills in format required.
  • Consumption report.
  • Aged accounts due.
  • Through system control code, determine the sequence of charges to which payments will be applied. This can be overwritten at the Cash Register and changed system-wide should policies change.
  • Customer accounts and records, both active and inactive, can be looked up by account number, name, street address, billing address, route, and meter address (also tax roll number if Taxation module is used).
  • Account balances can stay with the inactive customers until paid or adjusted out.
  • New accounts can be input into the database with a status of Hold until it goes online. New accounts can be queried by name, address and all other data fields as active and inactive accounts.