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The Property Taxation & Information is a complete Property Information resource. This module, along with General Ledger, is part of the backbone of MAIS. All other modules are linked to Property Taxation. A cross-referencing feature in the system allows users to look up amounts due or open accounts in all modules where a particular property identification link has been found.


  • Assessment, taxation and ownership data from the local assessment authority can be downloaded as often as required without disturbing the underlying permanent data for properties.
  • Meets all British Columbia requirements.
  • Separate “owner” fields for current owner and listed owner.
  • Tax bills can be printed on pre-printed forms, on a Microsoft Word mail merge letter template or sent to file for outsourced printing.
  • Special taxations based on frontage, assessment value, or flat parcel taxes can easily be assigned to a group of properties or to individual properties.
  • Record Mortgage Information for generating notices to mortgage holders.
  • Inquiry of property information can be accomplished by owner name, legal address, legal description (map, lot), mailing address, and house number.
  • Store legal descriptions, such as subdivision number, quadrant number, or long deed text.
  • Keep unlimited ‘categories’ of comments about properties, such as Environmental Issues, Police Complaints, Sale History, Zoning and Planning Decisions.
  • Create unlimited user-defined fields to store additional information pertinent to your Town.
  • Payments received through Cash Receipting update records instantly.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Property Taxation & Information:

"Property Taxation & Information" is part of the MAIS (Municipal Accounting and Information System) line of products, developed by Temple Consulting Group.