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The Accounts Receivable module provides the District with a flexible billing system for Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable that allows for either centralized or de-centralized invoice processing. This module is fully integrated with General Ledger, Cash Receipting, and Property Information and Taxation.


  • Using subsystems, the District can choose to generate invoices different in appearance and content for each subsystem. This feature allows, for example, the Police Department to print a totally different invoice than the Parks Department.
  • Products or frequently billed items can be set up with price, general ledger distribution and sales tax defaults preset to speed up data entry and reduce invoicing errors.
  • Allows billing of sold Inventory with default mark up percentage. The default mark up can be overridden, but will be notated in posting reports.
  • Easy-to-update database of customers with searches by account number, name, contact name, phone number, property tax roll number, and invoice number allows front-line and telephone support personnel to serve the public with little or no initial information provided.
  • Enter 1, generate many……recurring invoices enable users to enter invoices once, but generate invoices weekly, monthly, annually or any frequency required.
  • Reminder notices and statements can be generated for one customer or a range of customers.
  • Aging reports and outstanding invoice reports can be generated by customer, by subsystem or for all customers. Generating reports by subsystem allows departments to manage collections more efficiently.
  • Apply prepayments (customer deposits) to invoices easily.
  • Allows for multiple rates of late charges.
  • Payments are processed through the Cash Receipts module.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the MAIS (Municipal Accounting and Information System) line of products, developed by Temple Consulting Group.