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Temple Consulting Group

A developer of business management software.

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Business Background

Temple Consulting Group Ltd. is a contemporary and novel consulting firm focusing on the development and implementation of accounting software and information systems for municipalities under the trade name MAIS (Municipal Accounting and Information Systems). The company was created in February 2004 and began operations in June 2004.

Vision and Mission Statement

To design, implement and support local governments with computer system solutions that automates most aspects of the local government enterprise. Temple Consulting Group Ltd. will deliver a state of the art financial system utilizing the latest in database design and software development technology.

Maintenance and Support

The Temple Consulting Group support team offers many useful benefits to our users. It is our prospective that a long-term relationship will be built when any new client chooses Temple Consulting Group Ltd. as their software solution.

Extended Customer Maintenance Program

The Extended Customer Maintenance Program (ECMP) offers help for your staff—just a phone call away. Our Customer Service team is fully trained to help your staff with their biggest and their littlest questions. Using Remote Desktop or other remote access methods, we can be ‘at your site’ in a moment’s notice, providing quick, reliable support.

Product Lines

  • MAIS

    A comprehensive financial management system designed by Temple Consulting Group for government & public administration and non-profit organizations.

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    Market Focus

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