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Telosa Software

A developer of business management software.

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Founded over 25 years ago, Telosa Software, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality fundraising and donor management software for nonprofit organizations ranging from small and growing nonprofits to mid-sized, regional, and national organizations. Telosa is passionate about delivering powerful, affordable and easy-to-use fundraising software and a dedicated support team connecting nonprofits to their mission and donors.

Derived from the Greek word telos, which means “the fulfillment or completion of an end goal or result,” Telosa is devoted to empowering nonprofits to focus on and achieve their respective missions and fundraising goals.

Telosa was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley more than 25 years ago by philanthropist and computer scientist Susan Packard Orr who is still the company’s chairman. The company’s affordable, easy-to-use software and information management solutions are built from the ground up specifically for nonprofit organizations, and are backed by a stellar support team. Telosa is a true long-term partner; the company’s first two customers are still using the Telosa software today. Telosa also serves global nonprofit organizations like Ronald McDonald House. Telosa is a certified Bay Area Green Business.

Telosa’s newest innovation for fundraising is Exceed Beyond. A cloud based fundraising solution building on the strengths of Exceed! Basic and Exceed! Premier but taking advantage of the new directions in technology allowing for flexible access points, integrated work data and work flow. Exceed!™ Premier, is comprehensive, full-featured, locally installed fundraising software that is easy-to-use and very affordable, too. Exceed! Basic is a compact , locally installed fundraising software designed to maximize your software dollars. Not matter what your size or budget, Telosa

Product Lines

  • Exceed! Basic

    A software system designed by Telosa Software for non-profit organizations.

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    • Exceed! Premier

      A multi-module management system designed by Telosa Software for non-profit organizations.

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