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TEKLYNX foundation is built on the acquisitions of three barcode software companies in the industry from 1998 and 2001 – Techniques Advancees (Auch, France), GrafTek, Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), and StrandWare, Inc. (Eau Claire, Wisconsin). These acquisitions helped build our strong portfolio of products, including CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, and LABEL MATRIX design software, SENTINEL server-side printing software, and LABEL ARCHIVE security and traceability software.

In 2010, the TEKLYNX management team acquired the company from Brady Corporation. This event has enabled TEKLYNX to better serve a wider range of customers while supporting growth of our business partners. The continued dedication to solid development, flexibility, and agility has led to the creation of TEKLYNX CENTRAL, the all-in-one enterprise solution, with a strong backbone built on the legacy products. This unified solution has brought TEKLYNX into the forefront of enterprise label management.

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