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Flexible Account Number Structure - The flexible account number structure allows you to define account numbers to accommodate your specific business and organizational reporting requirements. This account number design lets you maintain or expand your accounting fields through highly structured, user-defined account segments.

User-Definable Organizational Hierarchy - The organizational hierarchy table enables you to track and report financial information for an unlimited number of user-defined cost centers, departments, locations, divisions or subsets of these. The ability to capture this information helps financial managers evaluate and monitor business activity and performance for any number of organizational entities.

In addition, multiple organizational hierarchies allow you to compare financial statement numbers based on multiple organizational setups and conduct “what if“ analyses – helping you quickly and easily reorganize your company to meet its changing business demands.

Universal Source Journal Interfacing - Through CDI’s universal source journal structure, journal entries from other accounting systems can be automatically transferred into CDI General Ledger for thorough verification using predefined validation criteria. This ”Gateway to G/L“ may also be defined for any other external subsystem.

Other source journal features include dynamic report and screen label definition; archiving to protect data integrity; and suspense accounts to temporarily hold transactions when on-line validation is not possible.

Easy Journal Entry Creation - Journal entries can be created quickly and easily, either directly online or through source systems. Unlimited notes can be entered for each manual journal entry and line item. Also, the software enables you to track all vital posting information.

CDI General Ledger also supports real-time manual journal transactions, such as adjustments, corrections and normal periodic entries. Recurring entries, automatic reversal of accruals and automatic intercompany journal entries are also options available to you in the system.

Full Cost Allocations - CDI General Ledger distributes costs across your locations, giving you a true picture of the costs of operating and maintaining them.

Allocations can be grouped, allowing you to distribute costs in the proper sequence and across an unlimited number of user-defined accounts with one keystroke. You can also base cost distributions on a percentage or set dollar amount and on year-to-date or period-to-date figures.

Flexible Budgeting System - The system allows you to create, analyze and report on an unlimited number of budgets simultaneously. Also, you can enter and modify budgeting data quickly and easily, like having the choice to manually enter data or have the software calculate amounts for you based on formulas.

CDI General Ledger also provides reporting and analysis flexibility, letting you generate reports to show actuals against any budget in your system.

User-Defined Accounting Calendars - Like all CDI solutions, CDI General Ledger lets you define your accounting period dates. Each accounting module can have separate closing dates, so each organizational entity may perform separate closings. You also have the option to keep multiple periods open, letting you make next period entries even though the current period is not closed.

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