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Automatic Write Offs - Any charge back, of any amount, that is below a user-defined limit is automatically written off. This limit can be transparent to users and can vary based on charge-back type. Uncollectible open items may also be eliminated through a manual write-off system. Security limits are preset to prevent unauthorized write-offs.

Complete Credit History Reporting - CDI Credit Management gives you a complete picture of each customer’s payment performance in a comprehensive report format. Information provided includes such things as:

  • Unearned cash discounts taken
  • Percentage of invoices paid promptly
  • Percentage of invoices paid late
  • Average days to pay
  • High credit amount
  • Average dollar days

Comprehensive Account Management Statistics - A statistical “snap shot” of each account’s status is provided in user-defined intervals to allow trend tracking on each account.

Improved Targeting of Collection Efforts - CDI Credit Management’s powerful query capability allows collection personnel to view your customer database by a wide range of query criteria. The collection query screens help your staff prioritize their work and concentrate their efforts on the most important collection activities.

Full Support for Multi-Profit Center Organizations - CDI Credit Management provides the functionality and security to meet the special requirements of multi-location, multi-division, multi-department organizations.

With CDI Credit Management, you can choose centralized cash management and/or remote cash management. Local operations can distribute revenues and expenses with separate ledgers while cash disbursements and receipts are handled at headquarters. Ledger transfer journal entries are automatically generated to maintain the integrity of each ledger.

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"CDI Credit Management" is part of the CDI Financial Control System line of products, developed by Tecsys.

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