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Sale Contacts is a combined list of “Customer” and “Prospect” contacts. The list shows the contact’s name, which allows the user to update information on those prospects, not just by company. Fields are available to differentiate between “Prospects” and “Customers”, plus additional grouping and organizing fields for prospects. The “Status” field allows you the user to define in your own words how far along that prospect is in turning them into a customer. You could define whether they have a “strong”, “chance” or “weak” potential. The “Contacts” list grid was added to display all contacts on a single list even when there is more than one contact per prospect/customer. We leverage the abilities in Small Mfg to attach documents and create “Internal” notes for each contact.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Contact Management:

"Contact Management" is part of the TechnoERP line of products, developed by TechnoResources Inc..