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TechnoERP is a fully integrated, multi-user, manufacturing and accounting system. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use and understand, while behind the scenes the program utilizes powerful algorithms. If you manufacture products we provide a complete software solution to manage, organize and generate reports for your business to improve.

Manage production and customer orders in one system. Manage inventory and buy parts with MRP or Re-Order point logic. Connect purchase receipts to AP invoices. Build items with detailed BOM’s and Labor Instructions. Create quotes to customers. Track open orders, back orders, and invoices. All these activities pass data to the GL system from the AP, AR and Payroll automatically via Journal Vouchers.

Organize your data, documents, notes, and to-do lists. You can attach spreadsheets, letters, and drawings files to Items, Orders, Customers, or Vendors. The documents are copied to a centralized file system that is accessible anywhere on your network. “Internal Notes” is an open ended tool that can be used for multiple purposes. Consider adding notes attached to a specific Item with date and user recorded. Record a phone conversation with a vendor and connect it to a specific purchase order. Each user can review all their tasks in one list, no matter what it is attached to.

Report what is happening from open orders to backlog of hours, A sample of what is included; quotes, bills-of-material, packing slips, bills of lading, invoices, purchase orders, sales analysis and financials. Create user defined queries and graphs.

Improve processes and data access. Move out of multiple databases and eliminate duplicate data entry. Drill down on almost anything that is selected with the “Right-click” menu allows jumping to transactional history, cross-reference, additional functions and printing options.

Popular Functionality Modules

Inventory Inventory items are used in the Purchase orders, Manufacturing orders, and Sales orders in addition to the Inventory module itself. This module includes the Physical count,…

Purchasing The purchasing module allows you to manage inventory demands and track open purchase orders. This module includes the Orders and Receipts. You can create purchase orders with…

Sales Orders This module allows you to manage the order fulfillment process to your customers. The Sales module contains Deposits, Orders, Shipments, and Sales person information. A grid…

General Ledger The General Ledger system tracks budget and actual financial data in order to produce financial statements such as an Income Statement and Balance Sheet, the Trial Balance…

Bill of Materials Define the “recipe” of what is needed. These connect Items needed to produce manufactured or outsourced assemblies. Specify any reference information per item.…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of TechnoERP

A representative from Great Western Ink says…

TechnoERP has the depth and functionality of many of the “high end/top dollar” fully integrated software suites with Inventory Handling, Sales Orders, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Payroll and General Ledger. For the price it is unbeatable

The good: I have implemented the software at several branches of our company and the transitions went very smoothly and quickly. Claire Rasmussen stands behind the product with integrity, and a passion to help companies improve, that is refreshing.

The bad: Sometimes it is frustrating that you can’t just overwrite old data (like other systems I know!) but as an accountant I know this is a good thing!

from Tinitron Inc. says…

Love this software very easy to use and train. It has alot of different option to be able to get exactly what you need very efficiently. Technical support is great!

The good: The great thing about TechnoERP is it is very efficient, cuts down on the time needed to do something. Payroll is quick and accurate, correct are made for they are very simple.

The bad: That they didn’t have it years ago.


This is a solid ERP software that is built on a SQL database. It covers manufacturing of multi-level parts very effectively. There is full visibility of the parts from Forecast, through Purchasing and Manufacturing, and all the way through the invoicing process.

The good: The MRP functionality is very robust. As long as the data is entered correctly, the MRP produces an accurate view of what needs to be purchased and manufactured.

The bad: This system goes through several updates on a regular basis.


TechnoERP is integrated throughout all aspects of our business. It has solutions to fit nearly any business need. It has very high reliability and has a good workflow

The good: The software has saved us a lot of headache and miscommunication. We have been able to go paperless in many area’s because everything is at your fingertips! The system does a great job at insuring your data is reliable and consistent. It is flexible enough to be used by anyone and has enough features to allow advanced users to really leverage data.

The bad: Because TechnoERP has so many features and functions, it can take some time to learn a lot of the advanced functionality. However the software operates in a very logical manner so if you understand the fundamentals of an area you are working in learning it is easy.

from Legacy Home says…

Best software for small manufacturers

The good: Inventory status screen give you access to all information you need to know about a product

The bad: A few processes could be a little faster

from Viking Solutions says…

Very, very thorough and fast. Covers all aspects of manufacturing.

The good: Speed and ease of use.

The bad: 3rd party printing


Having it installed now.

The good: Price and features

The bad: none