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TechnoResources Inc.

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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Who we are

TechnoResources, helps small businesses implement Manufacturing software. We use our expertise to help our clients to master operational processes including accounting, inventory, and work orders. We assist customers to use software as a tool, for realizing increased efficiencies and improved information accuracy in areas such as Job Costing, Inventory Tracking, and Sales Analysis. Since all manufacturers have unique needs, we provide customization services so the tool works for you.

What we do

Techno provides a complete line of consulting, training, programming and support services to assist its customers in the successful implementation of manufacturing information solutions.

Typical customers

TechnoResources’ customer base consists of companies manufacturing bathtubs, cookies, cabinets, soaps, actuators, boats, machinery, medical equipment, and lasers.

Product Lines

Market Focus

Evaluations of TechnoResources Inc. products by market segment:

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