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Church Finance and Membership Management System

A multi-module management system designed by Technology Management Group, LLC for non-profit organizations.
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TMG’s Finance & Membership Management System (FMS) is a comprehensive but simple to use software package designed specifically for churches and other religious organizations.

It is simple to operate and contains all of the features and functionality that churches require to conduct business and operations in an efficient and concise manner. No other package on the market can match the ease of use, expendability, and affordability of FMS. Free demo versions of the software can be available for a limited trial.

Accounting & Finance

FMMS has a fully functional integrated Accounting and Finance system with a chart of accounts, checking account reconciliation, and vendor management. With FMMS churches can quickly and easily set up their chart of accounts and begin managing all of the finances and assets of the church. Numerous financial and accounting reports can be generated for snapshots and end of the year accounting. Detailed reports can be provided directly to the church accounting or bookkeeping firm for tax preparation.

Contribution Tracking & Reporting

Church contributions can be tracked individually and collectively. With FMMS churches can easily manage tithes, offerings, building funds, and other giving programs down to the individual member level. Contribution information can be queried to create customized financial reports for tax reporting, analysis, and review.

Membership & Visitor Correspondence

With FMMS the church has the ability to generate correspondence directed to specific church members, a group of members, a specific ministry, or a certain auxiliary. Visitor contact information can be used to create follow up mailings and correspondence campaigns.

Membership Database

The Membership Database allows for easy input and management of members personal information including names, addresses, and telephone numbers. FMMS also allows you to create various relationships between individuals to create family groups, auxiliary groups, and ministry groups. The Membership Database lets you enter and track important dates (i.e. membership, birth date, wedding, etc.) and retain important medical information for emergency situations.

Payroll Processing

With the Finance & Membership Management System, churches can easily process their on payroll and generate checks to employees, individuals, vendors, service providers, ministries and auxiliaries. With integrated payroll processing, churches no longer have to outsource payroll processing to a service bureau.

Tax Reports

FMMS comes loaded with the appropriate tax tables and information necessary to generate tax related reports for revenue, expenses, asset tracking, depreciation, and payroll. Tax season becomes a breeze.

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