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  • Calculates the percentage of a vehicle that each order represents based on method of shipment (e.g., 48ft van, 53ft high cubed van, tanker, etc.). The total number of truckloads for each order is available for orders over a single truck’s capacity.
  • Easy-to-use screens enable rapid consolidation of less than full truckload orders into full loads, as well as assignment of carriers for organizations that ship in full truckload quantities.
  • Seamlessly integrated with automatic scale and manifesting systems for small package shippers.
  • UPS certified manifesting allows customers to achieve immediate 9% reduction in UPS shipping costs.
  • Orders can be shipped from multiple locations (defined at the line item level).
  • The system provides the capability to ship products other than those specified on the initial order.
  • Automatic generation of shipping labels in a format which can be tailored to the requirements of each of your customers.
  • Freight charges are automatically accrued for by the system. Accruals can later be compared to the actual invoices to spot discrepancies
  • Enterprise 21 automatically calculates the least cost carrier, and enables preferred carriers to be assigned to specific routes.
  • Easy-to-use screens facilitate the order staging and vehicle loading processes.
  • Shipments can be recorded utilizing Radio Frequency (RF) scanning and bar code devices.
  • Carrier load notification can be accomplished using EDI, automatic fax of load notification report, or direct communication.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Management - Shipping & Transportation:

"Order Management - Shipping & Transportation" is part of the Enterprise 21 - ERP Software Solution line of products, developed by Technology Group International.