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  • Provides automatic customer lookup based on a character search by client name or account number including “sounds like“ capability.
  • Automatically checks customer credit status at the outset and completion of order entry, and whenever a change is made to an order. User-defined rules allow the system to flag potential credit issues based on existing receivables, open orders, and the current credit limit to determine what actions must take place.
  • Maintains multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses and defaults automatically to the most commonly used information based on the customer record.
  • One-time ship-to addresses can be defined that do not impact the standard ship-to table.
  • One touch access to customer master table for rapid set-up of new customers, or to view information regarding existing customers.
  • One or multiple ”standard orders“ can be created for a customer containing the products which the customer most commonly purchases. At order entry time, these orders can be ”brought in“, eliminating the need to key in any standard information for the order.
  • Order Copy function allows any order stored in the data base to be quickly duplicated.
  • Handles regular orders, blanket orders, standard orders, quotes, and recurring orders. The recurring order function allows orders to be automatically initiated by the system at pre-determined time intervals.
  • Quotes can be readily converted into orders. All items of a quote or user selectable items can be converted.
  • Various order types may be defined such as regular, drop ship, return, tag-and-hold, ship complete, warranty return, and will-call.
  • Terms can be assigned at the customer, order, and even at the line item level of an order.
  • Windows can quickly be opened to view valid entries for a field during the data input process.
  • User definable fields allow for the capture of additional information.
  • Multiple sales commission splits are supported.
  • Order entry, order changes, and order inquiries are maintained through a single function. No need for customer service representatives to flip in and out of multiple screens to handle simple order alterations or customer inquiries.
  • All order changes and cancellations are tracked, and reason codes can be assigned to identify service issues.
  • Orders can be placed for products with specific attributes (e.g., a shoe style can have a size, color, width, etc.).
  • System-generated messages proactively warn customer service representatives of potential service problems.
  • Numerous inquiry screens provide quick access to customer and product profitability information. Information can be viewed on a month-to-date, year-to-date, or comparison to prior year basis.
  • At any point during order entry or order change, options menus are accessible which provide rapid access to a multitude of other system functions and inquiry screens such as: available inventory, order history, pricing history, load information, order copy, and much more.
  • Credit memos can be entered at any time during order processing and can be tied to the original order and invoice numbers.
  • Each order can have an unlimited number of line items, including stocked tangible and non-tangible parts.
  • The system handles various types of transactions at the line item level including direct ship, stock, surplus, non-stock, found, and others.
  • Promotions and deals (buy one and get one free) can be set up. Complementary products and scripts can be defined to prompt the sale of other products.
  • Enterprise 21 handles product kits as well as product configuration.
  • Configuration capability includes an infinite number of levels of configuration dependencies and rules.
  • Line items can be entered using your part numbers, the customer’s part number, or one of four additional alias part numbers.
  • Order status can be quickly checked by users; orders are tracked through each stage of the order fulfillment process at both the order and line item levels.
  • Unlimited notes may be entered at both the order and line item levels. Notes can be selectively printed on internal documents, customer documents, or both. Standard notes are available for inventory parts that will automatically be coupled with the sales order.
  • Provides an automatic substitute part listing for unavailable items during line item entry.
  • Choose to allow or disallow overrides of item pricing during order entry.
  • Allows an unlimited number of units of measure to be defined for a specific part number, providing maximum flexibility during line item entry. Pricing is automatically handled by the system for each of the unit conversions.
  • Tracks lot and serial numbers throughout the system.
  • Seamlessly integrated with purchasing for both direct ship and order related purchase orders.
  • Obsolete part numbers are automatically replaced by valid part ID’s.
  • Enterprise 21 provides comprehensive multi-currency capability. Currency conversions are stored at the transaction level.
  • Currency conversions are stored for the transaction currency, the defined operating currency, and the corporate currency.
  • The full set of standard EDI transactions are supported. These include, but are not limited to, Customer Orders, Advanced Shipping Notification, outbound PO’s to Vendors, as well as a number of others.
  • Enterprise 21’s unique EDI mapping process means that a single program handles each EDI transaction format. Individual format variations are handled through the mapping of the given transmitted file to the EDI interface file.
  • The quantity of material required to ”fill the truck“ with a desired product can be automatically determined during line item entry.
  • Mis-shipments are easily recorded. Inventory can be automatically adjusted and a credit memo optionally generated.
  • Complementary products are identified during line item entry and suggested as possible sale items for the customer. The user simply identifies how many of the item the customer desires and the system will automatically insert the item onto the order.
  • Allows use of ”generic“ substitute items during order entry.
  • Includes standard as well as ”retail“ order entry.
  • Multiple payment methods are supported including cash, on-account, and credit card.

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