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General Features

  • Supports process and discrete manufacturing or combinations.
  • Enterprise 21 allows for definition of both multi-level formulations and bills of material.
  • Where-used functionality enables rapid access to all finished goods utilizing a specific component material.
  • Formulations and bills-of-materials are easily duplicated and updated. Multiple versions of the original formulation/bill are numerically controlled.
  • Automatic “yield” calculation for raw material utilization based upon BOM and routing yields.
  • Actual usage variations from standard amounts are easily recorded. Substitutions are easily recorded as well.
  • Cost variances from standard amounts are tracked and reported.
  • Inquiry screens enable tracking of production runs through the production recording process.
  • Machine downtime can be recorded by multiple reason code.
  • Employee exposure to hazardous chemicals is automatically tracked.
  • Lot and serial numbers are tracked from the raw material stage through shipment of finished goods.
  • Inquiry screens provide the ability to trace shipped product back to specific finished good product lot/serial numbers, and further back to the specific raw material numbers used to manufacture each finished product.
  • Daily, machine-specific production schedules can be automatically generated from the daily plan. The schedule is capacity constrained based on items such as available days and shifts, product production rates, and scheduled downtime.
  • From the daily schedule, users can quickly access information such as on-hand orders. This provides the capability to rapidly adjust the schedule for dynamic changes in order demand.
  • Enables execution of multiple iterations of a plan for analysis of various production scenarios.

Process Manufacturing

  • Enterprise 21 provides the ability for finished goods production to be recorded separately by the warehouse and production departments. This facilitates inventory accuracy by immediately surfacing count variances for reconciliation. Count differences are documented through a series of reports and on-line inquiry screens.
  • The system enables raw material utilization to be recorded separately from packaging materials and finished goods in situations where these processes are controlled by separate crews.
  • One-step production recording exists for organizations that prefer more simplistic recording of finished goods and simultaneous backflush of raw materials.
  • Production recording easily accommodates extended production runs across multiple shifts.

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Routings are defined through single or multiple work centers.
  • Work orders can be generated either independently, or directly from sales orders.
  • Bill of material components can be assigned to individual stages of the manufacturing routing. This eliminates the immediate consumption of components at the initiation of the routing.
  • Raw material utilization and finished good production recording can be entered for individual work centers through the routing process.
  • Cost elements and associated general ledger accounts are user-defined.
  • Actual versus budgeted manufacturing costs are reported.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacturing - MRP:

"Manufacturing - MRP" is part of the Enterprise 21 - ERP Software Solution line of products, developed by Technology Group International.