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  • Multiple plants, warehouses, stockrooms, and bin locations may be defined.
  • Part master table information may be maintained for individual locations or centrally. Location-specific part master tables need only be maintained on an exception basis, otherwise, the system will default to the primary part master table.
  • Inventory allocation can occur at the individual plant or warehouse location, or can be centralized to allow order servicing from any or all sites.
  • Intra-company transfers are supported. The system tracks the material through the in-transit stage. Shipped versus received discrepancies are easily identified.
  • Transfer pricing structures allow intra-company movements to be made at a cost plus mark-up with automatic generation of elimination entries into the ledger.
  • Inventory can be allocated to open sales and/or manufacturing orders at the time of receipt.


  • Enterprise 21 provides for inventory “commitment” (soft allocation) as well as “full allocation” (hard allocation). Inventory commitment simplistically provides users with information regarding only the aggregate amount of inventory committed to orders by product. Full allocation assigns specific inventory records to specific sales order documents to allow more controlled disbursement of available stock and prevent unexpected shortages.
  • The system provides both bar code scanning and RF terminal capability for all inventory transactions (receipt of goods, shipment, material movement, physical and cycle counts, etc.).
  • Full lot and serial number tracking exists for both raw materials and finished goods. The system provides the ability to track shipped products back to the specific raw material lot/serial numbers used to produce the finished good.
  • Enterprise 21 provides flexible putaway and takeout via the ability to assign specific warehouse locations during receiving and shipping if they differ from the default location for a product.
  • Automatic creation of receiving labels, including bar code and serial number/lot identification.
  • Automatic ledger entries associated with inventory adjustments based upon adjustment reason codes.
  • User defined non-stocking warehouse locations can be defined to allow for inspection and quality stages after receiving, etc. Material in these locations is valued as an asset, but is not eligible for production or sales until it passes to a normal stocking location.
  • Enterprise 21 provides for load staging, as well as rapid relocation of inventory throughout the warehouse.

Costing * Supports multiple costing methods including standard, FIFO, LIFO, and average costing. Costing methods may be specified at the product level. * An infinite number of general ledger accounts can be used to classify inventory. * Cycle count and annual physical inventory count procedures allow for easy maintenance of current quantity levels. Separate processes exist for cycle counts and physical inventories. * Enterprise 21 allows raw material costs to be sensitized and rolled up to view the impact on the finished product cost. Standard costs can be reset utilizing the new cost.

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