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Automatic calculation of inventory turns and ABCD classification is provided. ABCD reporting can be based on sales dollars, units, or margin.

The system provides multiple default units of measure capability to purchase, order, report, and ship in units other than the stocking unit of measure. In addition to these defaults, any number of units of measure may be defined for specific products and utilized during transaction entry.

Exception reporting exists to identify items outside of user defined parameters such as min/max levels and reorder points.

Enterprise 21 provides for full time phased Distribution Requirements Plan (DRP) based inventory replenishment. Based upon this plan, purchase requisitions can be generated either automatically or after manual review of the DRP output. Requisitions can then be reviewed and converted into purchase orders (again either automatically or manually).

Other features include:

  • Multiple levels of product classification are available for reporting purposes.
  • On-screen inquiry into all inventory transactions enable users to track material flow and troubleshoot rapidly.
  • Pop-up windows within data entry screens provide rapid access to other system functions.
  • System can be set-up to allow for negative inventories.
  • Automatic system generation of suggested cycle count products based upon user-defined inventory management rules.
  • Product attributes can be defined and specifically valid attribute values assigned on a Product Code basis.
  • Full tracking of product characteristics by LOT (MSDS) with an infinite number of characteristics per product.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Control - General Features:

"Inventory Control - General Features" is part of the Enterprise 21 - ERP Software Solution line of products, developed by Technology Group International.