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Jobs are the primary type of Documents most businesses will utilize when working in Technisoft Service Manager. Jobs can be Standard, Recurring or Work in Progress type documents, and can include Response Tracking, Commission Tracking and Budgets as well as various other options.

Each Job contains a single header and many detailed transactions. The Header contains global information about the Job and maintains Totals including Revenue, Cost and budget breakdown.

The Phases group related work processes together within the Job including Employee Assignments, Time Entries, Commission details, and Budget information. Detailed Totals are also maintained at this level.

The Equipment being serviced is added to the Phases. It is at this level that you specify the problems and faults associated with the Equipment. Warranty details and other information pertaining to the Equipment will be displayed.

Billing groups serve as a grouping mechanism for Services, Items. Billing Groups allow you to prorate billing lines by either a proportion of sell or cost.

Services allow you to bill non-inventory type details such as Labor, Freight or Sub-contactors.

Items allow you to bill Items directly from ACCPAC Inventory. Totals are also maintained at this level. Predefined Billing Groups from Templates can be retrieved into the Job.

Notations allow you to specify unlimited comments to any of the above transaction types. You also have the ability to attach objects to Notations.

These can be pointers to other files on your system such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, CAD files, HTML files etc. Notations can contain E-mail and Web URL’s as well as Follow-ups.

Follow-ups can be managed using the Monitor program.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Service Job Entry:

"Service Job Entry" is part of the Technisoft Service Manager line of products, developed by Technisoft.