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The privacy feature within TeamworkPM is called “Lockdown.” Lockdown gives you the ability to select who can view project items including tasks, messages, files, comments and notebooks.

Private tasks

The Lockdown feature allow you to keep tasks private to individual users regardless of the company they belong to. Now you can work with multiple companies on a project and only allow them see their own tasks.

  • Keep tasks private to individuals.
  • Allow tasks to only be seen by select project members.
  • Set the privacy on tasks so only one 3rd party company on a project can see them.

Lockdown with messages

You can now decide exactly who you wish to send messages to within a project.

  • Keep messages private to individual project members.
  • Send a private group message to a select company working on a project.
  • Keep a message private to select users across a range of companies working on a project

Lockdown with files

Lockdown enables you to select which people on a project you would like to be able to see certain files

  • Keep file private to individual project members.
  • Files attached to private messages will automatically inherit the same privacy settings
  • Make a file private to select users across a range of companies working on a project

Lockdown with Notebooks

Notebooks allow you to easily share and edit documents. Lockdown means you can work on notebooks and keep them private until you are ready to share your work.

  • Ability to choose who can view the notebook.
  • Ability to leave private comments.
  • Easily and quickly adjust the privacy setting with a few clicks.
  • Intuitive interface makes setting the privacy child’s play.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Privacy:

"Privacy" is part of the TeamworkPM line of products, developed by Teamwork Project Management.