Is TeamworkPM right for your business?

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TeamworkPM allows you to easily manage the day to day tasks involved in running a project. Quickly add clients to a project as well so they can see what’s happening on a project without having to call or email you.

Add people to your company

Create your company and then add people who are going to work on the projects with you.

  • Easily add companies to your installation.
  • Quickly add people to a company.
  • Ability to add users contact details to their profile.
  • Quick search of companies and people.

Customize each users settings

Easily customize the users individual settings to suit them.

  • Set a users timezone.
  • Customize the date and time format that the user prefers.
  • Set the language that the interface displays in.
  • Set the day the weekly calendar starts on (Monday or Sunday).


TeamworkPM has an advanced permission structure that lets you set up each individual user and then assign their rights within each project to which they are given access to.

  • Overall administration.
  • Limit access for users to certain projects.
  • Limit what a user can do and see within a project.
  • Ability to set custom permissions per project.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with People & Contacts:

"People & Contacts" is part of the TeamworkPM line of products, developed by Teamwork Project Management.