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A great tool for planning, re-scheduling and visualizing your projects.

Interactive Full Screen Gantt Charts

The TeamworkPM Gantt chart has some great features that enable you to visualise your projects making it easy for planing and re-scheduling.

  • Gantt charts operate in a full screen mode (even better when you hit F11)
  • Drag-drop for editing tasks & milestones.
  • Drag task list bar to move all tasks and milestones.
  • Drag-drop reordering of task lists

Drag drop dependencies

Quickly and easily link tasks by dragging from one task to another to make it dependent on another.

  • Create start-to-end or end-to-end dependencies.
  • Simple interface to link tasks.
  • Invalid dependencies get highlighted in red.
  • Dependent tasks will automatically move forward when necessary.

Easy project planning

Quickly and easily create new project plans directly within the Gantt chart.

  • Create milestones.
  • Create task lists.
  • Create tasks and assign to team members.
  • Full task editing from within the chart.
  • Drag-drop items to quickly organize your project.

Simple navigation for chart editing

We support six zoom levels, from year view to day view, to make it easy for editing when working with larger projects.

  • Click & drag to pan the canvas.
  • Roll mouse wheel to scroll up/down (left hand side).
  • Show all button – tries to fit everything on one page.
  • Save changes alert when exiting the chart.
  • In-built help.
  • Print view.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Gantt Chart:

"Gantt Chart" is part of the TeamworkPM line of products, developed by Teamwork Project Management.