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Teamplate for .NET is the leading platform for rapid business process automation in Microsoft environments, and is 100% XML Web Services certified. Teamplate for .NET integrates human input with automated business processes, and leverages .NET resources to tightly integrate with Microsoft server solutions.

Robust workflow configuration wizards empower Knowledge Workers to rapidly build and deploy automated business process models. Developers use the IDE to expedite advanced system process design, integration, and deployment. Business Managers utilize the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Rapid Process Justification methodology to measure business acceleration and increased ROI.

Teamplate develops workflow and process automation software that allows organizations to take any business process and rapidly Model the process, Build intelligence into the process and then Run the process as an application with a rich human interface.

These applications let the organization automate and improve their processes and leverage their existing technology. This means the organization can capture knowledge, then measure, manage and improve productivity.

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