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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

You will find that our Order entry screen will have more fields than any other system on the market. Under the Memo tab we have included 2 separate areas that will allow you to enter a large amount of details if required. The Internal Memo is for your eyes only, you can tell your staff a story about how this order is to be carried out or give specifications on the product for your staff. The second memo field is for the customer.

We have found that some companies like to give additional information about their services or products. In fact, you can make your quote, order, and invoice look like a word document if you wish as both memo fields are 65000 characters each.

The three _OLE _objects tabs allow you to attach pictures and have the pictures print out on the quote or order, or maybe you would like to just attach the original customers drawing or faxed P.O. to this order for future reference.

The_ Inventory_ grid allows you to enter the quantity ordered and quantity shipped. As soon as you post the order the items not shipped will be put in a backorder database for later reference and to be filled.

The inventory Lookup allows you to lookup inventory by keywords or phrases in inventory ID or description. Or maybe you would like to search by manufacture or product type and by greater than a certain price or less than a certain price.

Another unique feature of our order entry is user-defined fields. With our user-defined field section you can create your own field:

  • Date Type, only accepts date
  • Numeric Type, only accepts numbers
  • Alpha-Numeric Type (String), accepts numbers and letters
  • Table type, is a category with different items under it. For example, a table for color would include white, black, red etc.

One of the best features of our Quotations and Order Entry is the ability to create templates and copy from those templates. In other words, you can create templates of typical service orders or sales orders and at the push of a button copy over the memos, labor items and inventory items from the templates.

Then all you have to do is modify this order or quote to suit this particular sale.

  • Labor Tasks & Inventory Items
  • Unlimited Billing Persons in 3rd Party Billing
  • Assessment Equipment out Module
  • Commission Tracking
  • Unlimited Split Terms
  • Early Pay Discounts
  • Labor Tasks by the hour or Flat rate
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields (Date, Numeric, Alpha-Numeric or Table List Items)
  • Work-in progress reports
  • Task Scheduling
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Order template allows you to generate a new order from a template
  • Store up to 3 Pictures in each order which can be printed on Order form if desired
  • Tag orders to specific customer equipment
  • When tagging customer equipment serial number to order will notify you if you ever worked on it before.
  • History tab shows history of total orders per customer
  • History tab shows history of Year To Date labor hours by customer
  • History tab shows history of Year To Date inventory sales by customer
  • History tab shows number of unfinished orders by customer
  • History tab shows total unbilled hours by customer
  • History tab shows total unbilled inventory by customer
  • History tab shows Year To Date warranty hours by customer
  • History tab shows last contact date
  • Capable of billing multiple orders on one invoice
  • Search inventory by manufacturer, product type or keywords

Other Applications

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"Order Entry" is part of the Team Books line of products, developed by TeamBooks.