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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Our Inventory Control is trusted by many product distributors and manufactures because of its extensive audit control and price levels. With the features generally found in 6 digit packages, our Inventory Control is second to none in the industry for features.

  • Unlimited Warehouse locations which is integrated seamlessly throughout our package with separate Sales, Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold GL Account Codes per location.
  • Pictures for each inventory item
  • 50 Character Product ID Field
  • 255 Character Product Description Field
  • Pictures
  • Special Fixed Asset Inventory allows you to purchase additions and add to the cost of individual inventory. This is great in case of building assets where you might add on to the item extra features which will increase the value of it while increasing the cost of goods sold.
  • Automatic Re-Order Points.
  • Qty On Hand, Qty On Order, Qty allocated in Order entry and Invoicing quick displays
  • Unlimited other Inventory Cross References great for manufacture codes and bar coding. Type this Alias in anywhere in the program and it will find your product.
  • Unlimited price levels. This can be below or above cost, if you sell wholesale and you sell “X” percent above cost this area is perfect for you. We have clients who use this to sell all products at a certain percentage above cost while other clients use the feature to give discount levels below list price. Our price levels is a matrix effect that is customizable to handle any unique need.
  • Quantity price breaks allow you to give discounts if your customer purchases a certain amount of an item. For example, if your customer purchases 1-3 of item A, they pay $4.50, if they purchase 4 or more, they pay $4.00. Also, if they can have discount levels over and above this price.
  • A special pricing option can also be used. You can actual give clients special prices which are over and above their discount levels. A good example of this is if you go out for tender and bid that you will supply to customer X a certain product for $40.00 over the next year. This is known as special pricing.
  • End User price by location so if you have a different location which wants to sell more because of either market value or cost for deliver of product to that location .. No Problem!

Other Applications

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