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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase.

Developed with Microsoft’s Visual Basic® using thin client technology enables speed in all areas of TeamBooks Software. Microsoft’s Access® is used for reporting functions. This enables users of TeamBooks to modify and create reports supplying all pertinent information required to run their business with utmost efficiency. These reports along with on-time Active Open-Windows Design enables any company’s infrastructure to make quick accurate decisions, based on past and future information.

Our Document handler stores all applications information even other programs can be stored there if need be. This information is stored by customer or vendor and is an active window. As soon as you type the customer in the customer window you will see all office documents and the date and time and who created it. Simply double click on the document and TeamBooks will open up the original application in which it was created in and open up the document.

If your going to share information between your organization it can’t stop with just notes and customer transactions it must also include your documents. Most companies employees store word, excel and other documents to their local hard drive while their accounting data is probably stored on the server.

The problem with this is it makes it very hard for anyone else to know what file names they are using for their documents and where on their hard drive the information is being stored, worse yet is that this information probably is not being backed up by the network server.

Another great feature with our Document Handler is that you can create templates in other applications such as word, i.e.: Fax Letter Template or Letter Head Template and link fields to your customer or vendor window. In this way even the most amateur computer user can quickly create a professional fax cover sheet.

Once the template is selected TeamBooks will create a new document in the same application your template was created in and copy the layout and information over from the template, then TeamBooks will store it under the appropriate Customer or Vendor.

All the user has to do after that is type their message. TeamBooks will automatically fill out the Customer or Vendor information such as name, address, contact information.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Handler:

"Document Handler" is part of the Team Books line of products, developed by TeamBooks.