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A full ERP system designed by Team Systems, LLC for manufacturing companies.
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This product has been acquired by ECi Software Solutions and rebranded to ECi TeamDesign Contract and Office Furniture Software.

TEAM-DESIGN! is a 32 bit, Windows-based project management system that integrates all aspects of the contract furniture business, from marketing and proposals to commissions and financial statements. It reduces internal time, minimizes the potential for errors in calculations and functions as a management-tracking tool.

TEAM-DESIGN! interfaces with most electronic catalog specifying packages. Customization, where logically possible, is preformed directly by Team Systems, LLC. We do not outsource any product development. References can be supplied upon request.

TEAM-DESIGN! is internally developed and is NOT a customized derivative of any other software system. Technical support is done in-house by trained technicians and not outsourced to third party help centers.

Accounts Payable

TEAM-DESIGN! tracks all accounts payable by job, indicating true profit and cost for any given job.

  • Supports unlimited vendors
  • Tracks invoices by category (e.g. product, freight, delivery, etc.)
  • Generates vendor deposit checks and automatically records vendor deposit amounts
  • On-line reconciliation with built-in inquiry to checking/deposit data
  • Prints all popular reports including cash requirements indicating lost discounts.

Accounts Receivable

Customer service representatives have the entire history of every account at their fingertips. They can answer all customer questions, reprint original invoices and examine a customer’s ledger without leaving their desk.

  • Unlimited sales tax tables with associated tax reports
  • Real-time access to customer account history
  • Reprint original invoices for customers at any time
  • Prints customer statements individually or en masse
  • Immediate notification of credit limit status
  • Automatic handling and application of customer deposits
  • Prints aged A/R report with or without customer deposits
  • Maintains both customer and prospect records
  • Supports user-defined marketing criteria
  • Full rental invoicing and commission
  • Supports finance charges if applicable
  • Manufacturer direct commission credits
  • Collections module with notification of callback dates
  • Allows viewing of detail lines on any invoice

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials module provides inventory add-on features to users that sell and manufacture their own products. Users who perform refurbishment services may also find it useful.

  • Allows assignment of unlimited “components” (and quantities) to “parent” part numbers
  • Combines list, cost and sell of components to determine overall list, cost and sell of parent item
  • Prints manufacturing labels and routing slips

Custom Report Writer

The Custom Report Writer allows you to create custom backlog reports, purchase histories, financial statements, etc. This is an internally developed product and NOT a third party add on library.

Foreign Currency Conversion

TEAM-DESIGN! will work for you regardless of who you are and who your customers are. It will keep your general ledger in your local currency, generate purchase orders in the vendor’s currency and send invoices in your customer’s currency.

  • Complete multi-currency conversions
  • Global VAT calculations
  • View selected reports in local or foreign currencies
  • Supports European and Asian A3/A4 laser printer paper sizes
  • Implements all global date formats
  • Recognizes European and Asian monetary formatting

General Ledger

Because all invoices are tracked in the general ledger by job, TEAM-DESIGN! allows users to identify and reconcile late costs. It will identify jobs that still have a balance in work-in-process and show a proper reflection of sales.

  • Supports last year, this year, and next year budgets
  • Maintains instant on-line access to two years of financial information
  • Displays all transactions related to projects at any time
  • Prints financial statements for any period within two fiscal years at any time
  • Does not require closing a period before financial reports become available
  • Allows extremely rapid WIP (work-in process) reconciliation by job
  • Posts journals in detail or summary
  • Prints a twelve period profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Automatic carry forward of prior period adjustments
  • Dealer service fee commission which records entries without distorting your P&L

Inventory Control

TEAM-DESIGN! notifies you of “unused“ inventory. It compares your proposal to your inventory and notifies you of available inventory on hand.

  • Tracks complete history of loaners, rentals, sales, etc.
  • Supports minimum/maximum on-hand values
  • Ability to maintain ”customer owned“ inventory and generate internal invoices
  • Electronic catalog updates for HON and Office Furniture USA products

Project Management

Manual backlog reports are a nightmare. TEAM-DESIGN! generates backlog reports based on selected criteria, saving enormous amounts of time and money.

  • Displays backlog by customer, required date, salesperson, etc.
  • Analyze waiting-to-invoice products separately from waiting-to-receive
  • Generates deposit request/pro forma documents as needed
  • Receive and mark for invoicing individually or in a single keystroke
  • Salesperson booking analysis reports with comparisons to goal for week, month, quarter and year
  • Product installation schedule indicates time conflicts with delivery and shipping
  • Identifies products invoiced but not delivered, delivered but not received, received but not delivered, etc.

Purchase Order

TEAM-DESIGN! automatically splits proposals into multiple purchase orders to the appropriate vendors.

  • Fax your purchase orders at night or anytime using the Fax-O-Matic feature.
  • Provides automatic split of purchase orders by vendor/ship-to address/ quick ship, etc.
  • Easy alteration of purchase order quantities and costs with P/O reprint capability
  • On-line inquiry of purchase orders by customer name and P/O, vendor or salesperson
  • Tracks all acknowledgements and critical dates including original ship, current ship, last verified, etc.
  • Generates delivery tickets as needed
  • Purchase history reporting by customer, manufacturer and salesperson

Service Work Orders

This module is used in dealerships which encounter a great deal of service work which may or may not be related to ongoing furniture jobs. Tasks such as warranty repair, reconfigurations, etc. are well suited to this module. This module allows the continual maintenance of an “open-ended” work order (e.g., tracking man-hours, equipment, etc.) until the user designates the need for a billing invoice.

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