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Q-Operate is a real-time link between logistics and production. Q-Operate handles all this communication simply and quickly from the plant floor directly to your logistics department (or anyone in your organization with a computer and the necessary access).

Q-Operate is straightforward and easy to use. Its simple design presents all the information an operator needs on a single screen. This screen is a dispatch list of operations in their properly scheduled sequence. With Q-Operate, orders are done when expected. As production is completed or the schedule is changed, Q-Operate communicates with Taylor Scheduler and everyone is updated in real time.

Some key features of Q-Operate are:

  • Production Client: Displays dispatch lists for each machine based on the schedule created by the Taylor Scheduler. Machine operators clock in and out at client stations and report actual setup and run times, quantities produced or scrapped, and machine status information. In addition, a transaction list displays all work against a job in the sequence it was processed.
  • Supervisor Client: Displays machine status summary, machine summary, employee summary, and reports for selected machines or employees. The Supervisor Client allows the supervisor to edit and approve transactions.
  • Building Login Client: Manages transactions for employees to log in and out of the facility.
  • Administrator Client: Manages the machine access, employees, titles, job code, machine down code, reports, and reason code tables used by the rest of the Q-Operate system.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Q-Series:

"Q-Series" is part of the Taylor Scheduler (TS) line of products, developed by Taylor Scheduling Software.