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The Taylor Capacity Planner gives you a solution to your capacity management issues at all three levels in a single application. Designed to work with ERP, the Capacity Planner can be easily implemented at whatever planning level you choose. The Capacity Planner takes advantage of the same finite capacity management functionality available in the Taylor Scheduler. This means that you can model and manage actual capacity at every planning level.

The Capacity Planner allows you to identify capacity issues, evaluate alternatives and implement solutions. If you prefer, Capacity Planner can automatically solve many of these problems without your intervention. This allows planners to focus on using their expertise to address other, more pressing issues.

The Taylor Capacity Planner gives you the power and flexibility to manage capacity the way your business demands.

Among the key features of the Capacity Planner are:

  • Improving the rough-cut capacity planning process by allowing the additional capacity required to be added to current model (machine capacity, calendars, resources, and so on). The current capacity model reflects, as a starting point, the reality of the production facility.
  • Automatically determining a feasible solution to overcapacity situations and leveling the load to existing or planned capacity.
  • Assisting the planner to develop a feasible incremental capacity model reflecting potential additional machines, resources and their implementation plans.
  • Enabling you to model capacity more intuitively. The Capacity Planner shares many common user interfaces with the Taylor Scheduler which means you have familiar and powerful production modeling capabilities at your fingertips.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Capacity Planner:

"Capacity Planner" is part of the Taylor Scheduler (TS) line of products, developed by Taylor Scheduling Software.