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Taylor’s Batch Allocator takes the production plan generated by ERP and uses two decision techniques to best match packaging or customer orders to production lots.

Firstly, Batch Allocator allows you to define business rules for how you want to allocate available production among the “customers” in your distribution chain—these rules can be “hard” or “soft.” For example, create a “soft” rule enabling the system to vary the actual quantity of an order by 10 % in a regional warehouse. Or create a “hard“ rule specifying that orders from a particular distribution center must be manufactured by a given plant.

Batch Allocator also uses a second decision-making engine that employs genetic algorithms to rapidly evaluate various ways of allocating orders to production lots finding the one that best matches the actual packaging requirements. It rebuilds the ERP production plan by rapidly evaluating numerous alternatives until it finds one that meets your production constraints. If necessary, Batch Allocator recommends the creation of new batches or the deletion of batches planned by ERP.

Key functions of the Batch Allocator include:

  • User-defined business rules - Enables you to define the hard and soft rules Batch Allocator uses as it assigns orders to production lots, reflecting the decisions you’ve made about how to run your business.
  • ”What-if“ capability - Allows each user to simulate alternate solutions before selecting the preferred plan. Unit of Measure Conversation - Lets you define unit of measure conversations so you can manage each order in its appropriate unit of measure.
  • Multiple responsibility levels - Enables you to assign one of three authority levels (supervisor, planner or simulator) to each user.
  • Flexible reporting - Allows you access to the database to define your own reports in addition to those provided.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Batch Allocator:

"Batch Allocator" is part of the Taylor Scheduler (TS) line of products, developed by Taylor Scheduling Software.