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TaxStream simplifies tax planning with an easy set up of forecast models, potential scenarios, and unlimited copy capabilities. This allows users to test the impact of various planning structures on the effective tax rate and cash taxes.

Corporate tax planning is a competitive necessity. A company’s tax planning must be in step with its evolution, and can even shape its forward motion. The strategic placement of tax expense as the last line on a company’s income statement makes its management critical to a number of stakeholders. Following Sarbanes-Oxley and other financial control requirements, corporate tax planning has come under ever-increasing scrutiny. The TaxStream Solution allows you to manage and document your tax planning effectively and efficiently.

  • What Ifs - Create an unlimited number of what-if or planning scenarios – without compromising the integrity of your actual data.
  • Forecast - Compare your forecast information side-by-side with your actual information and isolate the differences.
  • Interim Reporting - Store and present your data on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, rolling together three months into a quarter or four quarters into a year, as needed. Annualize your quarterly data, create year-to-date reports, and layer on discrete items.
  • Trend Analysis - Compare changes in your provision between any two periods and demonstrate how your tax landscape has changed over time.
  • Effective Rate Management - Track and manage your effective rate in detail, entity by entity, line item by line item. TaxStream’s proof of tax reports fully reconcile between the statutory rate and your effective rate, showing the effects of rate changes, any local taxes, and companies in countries with different rates.
  • Uncertain Tax Reserves - Use TaxStream to document, analyze, manage, and report your uncertain tax positions, both separately and as a piece of your taxes payable for FIN 48, IAS 12, or other GAAP environments.

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