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A multi‑module management system designed by TaxStream.
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The TaxStream product suite reuses tax and financial data for the various functions of the corporate income tax year. The suite offers internally and externally hosted solutions and is adaptable to fit the various needs of information technology departments.

Optimize, integrate, and innovate all year round with TaxStream as the key to an accurate and efficient tax process. Since 1994, TaxStream has recognized the centrality of the tax provision to the tax planning and compliance process. Rely on TaxStream’s global income tax provision and planning software to save you time by streamlining and automating the flow of information from your general ledger to your provision and through to your tax filings. Manage your tax risk with the tax reporting system used by more than 27% of the FORTUNE 500 and over 720 clients worldwide. Satisfy your audit requirements with the only tax provision software licensed internally by all four of the Big Four firms and dozens of others. Recreate your tax process and your corporate structure with TaxStream’s flexible tax provision software – already the global standard for tax reporting.

TaxStream is a process-oriented software. Our goal is to help you automate and optimize your tax accounting work flow, helping you identify and utilize the most appropriate sources of information for your corporate tax needs. Our approach is to build your income tax provision from the bottom up, so you have all the detail needed for accurate reports for a variety of compliance and planning purposes, as well as automated tax reporting.

TaxStream serves as a central tax data warehouse, consolidating all domestic, foreign, and local tax information period by period. Centralize and manage data for your forecasts, provisions, payable, statutory filings, returns, and planning scenarios. Data can be entered in local or functional currency on a company by company basis and consolidated in reporting currency. TaxStream will track changes in exchange rates, tax rates and local income apportionment percentages and report the effects throughout its suite of reports.

Moreover, since TaxStream easily handles multiple accounting standards simultaneously, you can reconcile between IFRS and local GAAP. Report your IAS 12 provision side by side with CICA 3465, AASB 12 or FAS 109. TaxStream was created to be flexible for your needs, while adding structure and facilitating your reporting process.

With the tax provision such a crucial part of the fiscal year, why choose anything but the best-in-class standard for global tax provision software?

Functionality Modules

Tax Planning TaxStream simplifies tax planning with an easy set up of forecast models, potential scenarios, and unlimited copy capabilities. This allows users to test the impact of…

Tax Provision The income tax provision is the first chronological step of the corporate tax year. TaxStream’s scalable provision solution has all the necessary functionality to…

APIC Pool Accounting for Share Based Stock Options under FAS 123R is easier said than done. The tax computations are especially challenging because they require each exercise to be…

Compliance The concept of compliance lies at the heart of the job of the corporate tax department. The TaxStream solution provides the flexibility to accommodate all your compliance…

Audit Just as important as generating reports for your financial filings is generating reports for your auditors and providing them with the supporting detail and documentation…

Consolidation Whether you are dealing with complex, multinational tax structures or simply a few different jurisdictions, tax data consolidation is critical. TaxStream functions as a…

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