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For over fourteen years, TaxStream has been committed to optimizing the tax provision processes of corporate tax departments. From the beginning, TaxStream recognized the centrality of the income tax provision to the tax year, and built the tax technology to support that role. It is one we have never wavered from, and continue to respond to our clients’ foremost tax accounting needs. Our clients are our partners, and it is their regular input and support that has made us the leading provider of tax provision and reporting software.

TaxStream continues to be privately owned by the same career tax and technology professionals who started it. Since our founding in 1994, TaxStream has expanded to be more than just the market leader of provision software. TaxStream provides a flexible platform that includes a central tax data warehouse, dealing with direct income taxes and uncertain taxes, consolidating all global income tax calculations and multiple GAAPs and jurisdictions. The TaxStream provision integrates the flow of information between your general ledger, tax provision, financial reporting and tax return systems. TaxStream software automatically generates the necessary calculations and self-reconciling reports required throughout your tax cycle, from forecasts, to tax reporting, currency translation adjustments, journal entries, compliance, true ups, and future tax planning.

Product Lines

  • TaxStream

    A multi-module management system designed by TaxStream.

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    • TaxStream FIN 48

      A software system designed by TaxStream.

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