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Tax Compliance

A developer of business management software.

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Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) designs, develops, installs and supports property tax compliance software for use on the taxpayer’s in-house computer. Our software product is marketed as Property Tax Management System (PTMS).

TCI’s mission is simple:

  • Provide a software tool specifically designed to allow the user to pay the lowest legal property tax at the lowest compliance cost;
  • Be certain the software does what it claims to do;
  • Make the software easy to use;
  • Provide excellent software support;
  • Charge a fair price for the software;
  • Keep improving the software with input from users.

This marketing philosophy has worked well for TCI. Since the first PTMS software was installed in November 1993, PTMS has become the most widely used property tax software by corporate tax departments — more than one-third of Fortune 100® companies use PTMS. Most PTMS users are medium to large companies, whose widely scattered assets in multiple locations create a significant tax compliance burden best managed with automation.

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