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A cloud‑based fund accounting solution designed for nonprofits and governments
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Cloud Accounting Software Built Just for You

Your organization is used to making miracles happen. You work long hours and serve multiple constituencies with heroic efforts to be transparent and impactful. Don’t you deserve an accounting software package designed to give you better support?

There are a lot of software companies looking to expand their markets by jumping into the nonprofit world. But our founders have been focused on your needs for over 15 years and we understand the importance of providing complex solutions at a fair price for even the smaller organizations. That’s why you’ll find a complete solution at each of our multiple pricing levels. We love building more features for you.

Microsoft cloud computing on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – just for you

Tangicloud is a Microsoft cloud-based solution which will always be updated with the latest upgrades and patches provided by Microsoft with no extra effort or cost for you. When you choose cloud computing, updates are often unfelt either at the screen or in your pocketbook.

And the foundation of Tangicloud is based on a world-class ERP solution called Microsoft Dynamics NAV, built for web and mobile deployment. This means you’ll have access to a powerful, flexible, and robust accounting and operational solution that has fund accounting built in specifically for your needs.

Work anywhere, any time and off of most devices

By building the Tangicloud solution on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and deploying it in the Microsoft cloud, we know you and your colleagues will enjoy the freedom of working anywhere, anytime, and on multiple devices. All you need is access to the Internet and you can check the operations of your organization at any time.

Complete Solutions

We at Tangicloud Technologies are honored to work in an industry so focused on creating a positive impact in the world. That’s why our business model also includes a focus on great communications. We know your industry expertise is greater than any software developer. So we listen to you and grow our product based on your feedback. Top down, our organization is focused on building a relationship with you, not just selling you a solution. Call us, email, reach out. We’d love to work with you today and for years to come.

Key Functionality

Fund Accounting & Core Financials – There is no reason to offer an incomplete core financials package to nonprofits and governments. So at every level, Tangicloud is offers a package to completely suit your needs, including:

  • General ledger with multiple dimensions
  • FASB/GASB compliant fund accounting and reporting
  • Line-level allocations to accurately assign costs to funds and dimensions
  • Budgetary control and approvals to proactively manage expenses
  • Complete audit trails

Contacts with Donation Management - Track not only what donations you have and where they need to be allocated (restricted, unrestricted, or temporarily restricted funds), but who has made donations to you in the past, so you can contact them again.

Fixed Assets – Manage your organization’s assets throughout their lifetime value and depreciate them according to GAAP guidelines.

Grant Management – Cover all of your administrative tasks required to track proposals, awards, sub awards and contracts with Tangicloud’s Grant Management functions. Our Grants Management features will make you more competitive for securing grants and managing compliance.

Vendors – Manage expenses from requisitions to purchase orders to invoices to payments with detailed tracking of commitments and encumbrances through the entire procurement life cycle.

Customers – Your customers purchase your services and products and as leaders in your nonprofit or government community it is important to have up-to-the-minute accurate information; from what they owe to what invoices you generated for them. And you can stay in touch by having complete contact information that you can use to generate monthly statements and bill reminders.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger Your Tangicloud General ledger with multiple dimensions to best allocate funds to proper portions of your organization to support FASB/GASB compliant reporting…

Allocations No nonprofit or government should operate without the ability to allocate across funds and dimensions. With Tangicloud you can allocate funds in a flexible, complete and…

Audit Trails Every transaction in Tangicloud is recorded and kept, even when fixing accounting errors. This makes your annual audits much easier and keeps your organization at the…

Banks Reconcile your monthly bank statements with ease using Tangicloud’s reconciliation tools. You can have unlimited bank accounts so you can track accounts wherever your needs…

Budgets Move beyond spreadsheets and inconsistent application of budgeting principles with Tangicloud’s budgeting features. Part of the overall Tangicloud solution for nonprofits and…

Complete Functionality Module List

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