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Tamlin Software Developers

A developer of business management software.

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Tamlin Software Developers, based in Dallas, Texas, specializes in providing integrated solutions for mid-sized manufacturers. Manufacturing Conductor, their flagship software package, is designed to integrate with ERP/MRP systems and finite capacity Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems.

Tamlin is also a certified AccountMate reseller and is recognized as a charter member of AccountMate Software Corporation’s elite Solution Provider program. This allows them to provide you with a full ERP package handling both financial and operations management. Tamlin embraces the Theory of Constraints and can customize TOC capability to a manufacturer’s requirements with Manufacturing Conductor.

Founded in 1991, Tamlin is an active APICS member involved in Constraint Management SIG. Tamlin believes in improving the quality of life for Tamlin and for clients by providing optimal manufacturing operations and financial information solutions.

Product Lines

  • Manufacturing Conductor

    A multi-module management system designed by Tamlin Software Developers for manufacturing companies.

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