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Using Tagetik 4, Finance departments can unify the process of preparing, sharing and publishing financial data ranging from management reports to statutory filings, sustainability reports and XBRL submission. What makes Tagetik 4 unique is its ability to automate the entire consolidation, closing and disclosure process, offering full XBRL and iXBRL support all in a single solution.


Tagetik 4 brings XBRL production in-house, reducing costs and risks, and giving you greater control and ownership than outsourcing XBRL to an external printer. That makes it easy to incorporate last-second changes into your disclosure documents and provides more time for reviews before submission. All of which reduces errors and risk.

Tagetik 4 supports your XBRL reporting by

  • Producing XBRL reporting information on both entity and group levels
  • Importing XBRL taxonomies with the ability to extend
  • Automating tagging of financial data and XBRL taxonomies
  • Displaying reports in XBRL format
  • Retaining tagging from one period to the next (eliminating repeated retagging)
  • Producing XML files for required instances


Tagetik 4 allows you to create iXBRL submissions and validate them to ensure they’re error free before filing. You can tag financial data and submit it in iXBRL, thus meeting online submission requirements for corporate tax returns in the UK. The solution provides support for all phases of the financial information lifecycle including preparation, validation, analysis and dissemination of iXBRL reports.

Tagetik 4 works seamlessly with Fujitsu Interstage® XWand®, which is used by the SEC for XBRL filings. You can manually or automatically tag items, import and extend established taxonomies, and generate filings in XBRL or iXBRL format from the same data you use for other reporting.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with XBRL Tagging and Submission:

"XBRL Tagging and Submission" is part of the Tagetik 4 line of products, developed by Tagetik.