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In today’s competitive market climate, it’s essential to be able to determine which products, customers, channels and other factors are impacting profitability — either positively or negatively and continually monitor their contribution. But getting all of the costs into the “right bucket” can be difficult without embarking on a full Activity-Based Costing exercise.

Tagetik 4’s Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis gives you the ability to tag expenses and revenues directly attributable to the product, customer or channel and also has a powerful allocation engine for allocating indirect costs to any level of detail (even SKU). This improves the speed and accuracy of profitability analysis and provides detailed visibility into profitability in a collaborative environment.

Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis features include

  • Profitability Modeling - Map control structures for cost objects, activities, resources and their relationships.
  • Allocation modules - Allocate costs and revenues to resources and activities and allocate indirect costs with standard or waterfall allocations.
  • Drivers - Derive your allocations from any number of financial or operational drivers (revenue, quantity, headcount etc.).
  • Reporting and profitability analysis - Generate reports that intuitively visualize results of different allocations. Analyze profitability using filters, drill-down, and adjustments that provide detailed analysis of various allocation models.
  • Journal entries - Make manual or automated adjustments that take advantage of automatic double entry logic.

  • ‘What-if’ analysis - Generate alternative analysis scenarios and compare scenarios to optimize profitability.

  • Data - Direct access to actual and plan data stored in Tagetik 4. Automate import of data from other sources with built-in ETL capabilities.

  • Traceability - Manage accounting standards by segmenting your data into different components (sourcing entity, receiving entity), and analyze data in detail. Leverage structures already created in planning and consolidation processes for profitability analysis.

  • Workflow - Control the process and accountability at all levels using the same process control used in planning and consolidation.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis:

"Cost Allocation & Profitability Analysis" is part of the Tagetik 4 line of products, developed by Tagetik.