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Tagetik 4

A multi‑module management system designed by Tagetik.
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Tagetik 4 is an innovative software solution for performance management that unifies all of your Finance organization’s processes. From strategic and operational planning to disclosure reporting, Tagetik’s innovative open architecture has only one database, one set of data, and one calculation engine. Our award-winning Tagetik 4 Performance Management software, leaves finance and technology executives with more time to focus on analyzing, optimizing and expanding their business.


Tagetik 4 helps companies manage performance and improve decision-making throughout the organization. Our unified approach means that finance processes can be managed from start to finish in a single solution with full visibility, workflow, accountability, and traceability throughout. In the same unified solution decision-makers can see how different choices can impact their business, monitor the implementation of strategies, and ensure regulatory compliance. Whether you are addressing one pressing issue or implementing a complete performance management solution, as your company grows and changes, Tagetik 4 software will grow with you.

Through its strategic, global partnership with Microsoft, Tagetik has unified its Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions with powerful communication and collaboration features. This way, companies can make business information easily accessible to a larger audience and support a wide range of performance management processes that are increasingly interrelated and pervasive throughout the organization.

Companies rely on Tagetik to:

  • Unify Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Governance Risk & Compliance; pool expertise across multiple processes (competence center); gain a complete view of their business; and eliminate fragmented processes.
  • Optimize decision-making through greater visibility and advanced communication and collaboration across multiple processes to cope with tighter deadlines and growing regulatory pressures.
  • Increase business productivity through highly collaborative software that allows them to devote more time to analyzing information and spend less time reconciling data and producing reports.

  • Define a complete “Last Mile of Finance” process that includes financial intelligence, workflow, collaboration, and traceability from consolidation all the way through final disclosure.

  • Reduce deployment and maintenance time thanks to built-in processes and financial intelligence; vertical industry expertise and functionality; common, intuitive interfaces; and a single point of administration.

  • Maximize existing IT investments through straightforward integration with other systems and optimal use of innovative Microsoft technologies.
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a single, open, unified system for performance management and business intelligence.

Performance Management

Corporate performance management software from Tagetik unifies a multitude of complex processes including budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and performance reporting. With Tagetik 4, your company’s decision makers can finally unify key performance management processes and manage business performance in a more comprehensive manner. And since Tagetik believes in simplicity, all of this can be done without having to integrate multiple software platforms, products and technologies. Tagetik 4 has one database, one set of data, and one calculation engine.

With Tagetik 4, there is no longer a need to purchase and implement separate software and technology for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and other key CPM processes.

Disclosure Management

There was a time when creating statutory filings and fulfilling financial reporting requirements involved only Finance staff and data. Not anymore. Today, information must be aggregated from multiple stakeholders - a process that remains manual, disjointed and error-prone. What’s required is a streamlined, automated process for collaboration, workflow, compliance and control of the entire disclosure cycle, from start to finish.

This is what Tagetik 4 Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM) software delivers. In a unified, comprehensive software solution, you can address the Last Mile of Finance by automating and controlling the close-to-disclosure process from end to end.

Tagetik 4 Collaborative Disclosure Management (CDM) is the only software solution that stores disclosure management data in the same database as consolidated actual and plan data. This means with Tagetik 4 you can begin the disclosure management process earlier and have a full audit trail of all changes from consolidation all the way through disclosure in one place. With Tagetik 4, disclosure reporting is fast, accurate, collaborative, and auditable, saving you time and effort all the way through the process; not just at the end.

Business Intelligence

Financial data is only as valuable as your ability to access it. If it’s stored across multiple sources, it is difficult to combine, analyze, and take action on. This is why having a consolidated performance management and business intelligence software solution like Tagetik 4 can dramatically improve business performance. Because the data is already in Tagetik 4 you have immediate access to it through Tagetik 4 Business Intelligence functionality.

Tagetik performance management software consolidates key Business Intelligence benefits into a single, unified source, so the Office of Finance can:

  • Analyze and manage enterprise performance including complex financial processes, regulatory reporting, and compliance
  • Optimize communication and collaboration across large, international teams for a unified approach to enterprise performance management
  • Improve decision-making by embedding business intelligence into performance management processes

  • Do deep-dive analysis across multiple business processes such as budgeting, planning, forecasting, profitability analysis, consolidation and reporting at the business unit level and for enterprise performance management in a single solution

  • Provide financial data to decision makers in intuitive, consumable formats that are relevant to their specific role

  • Increase individual productivity and extend performance management data across a wider user community across the enterprise

  • Maximize existing investments in Tagetik and Microsoft technologies and skills
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Financial Governance

Corporate governance. Risk management. Regulatory compliance. They’ve never been more crucial to business success than they are today. Yet organizations still struggle with controlling these critical functionsin their Corporate Performance Management processes.

Tagetik 4 Financial Governance capabilities can help. A unified approach to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Financial Governance delivers a collaborative and controlled environment that lets you gather, organize, document and automate your control processes and risk management.

Tagetik 4 Financial Governance helps you simplify and manage all activities related to financial governance, risk and compliance, so you can:

  • Monitor and control internal auditing and risk management processes
  • Gain full traceability of data and transactions from start to finish, including who did what, when, where and why

  • Comply with regulations and produce multiple regulatory reports from a single source of validated data

  • Manage operational risks that impact financial performance
  • Set controls, thresholds, validation, and sign-offs
  • Run simulations and calculate the impact of possible actions on forecasts

Tagetik 4 Financial Governance software is built to work the way your business works, so you benefit from a tool that’s configurable to your methodology or organizational model without complex coding or scripting. As a result, you can quickly adapt the application to changing requirements for Financial Governance processes without IT intervention.

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