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TAD Online

A developer of business management software.

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Ten years ago, TADONLINE, Inc. was among the first to introduce the business world to web based accounting services.

“We began during the go-go years of high tech and the infancy of the World Wide Web. We are pleased to say that we survived the tech ”bust“ and outlasted competitors who reached out to Venture Capitalists and started with far more resources than we had. Our innovation and hard work gave us staying power“, said Lance Gildea, CEO and one of the Co-Founders.

TADOnline, Inc. now has 3 separate divisions including:

  • TADAccounting, web based accounting and bookkeeping services company serving small and medium size businesses
  • TADTechnology, web based accounting management system available to accountants who wish to offer remote services to their own clients
  • TADTraining, offering training to accounting firms who wish to develop web based accounting services.

TADONLINE, Inc. began in 1996 as The Accounting Department (TAD). The company was a pioneer in outsourced accounting, developing their own web based technology. It was founded by Deanna L. Gildea, a practicing CPA for 16 years and her techno-savvy husband and co-founder, Lance Gildea. Their desire to enjoy their kids as they grow up inspired them to find a way to work from home.

Great ideas and entrepreneurial skills get a business started. Good financial management keeps the business going. All too often business don’t survive because they are not up to the challenge of financial analysis and decision making. That’s where TADAccounting comes in. Using the client’s preferred software, a CPA/bookkeeper team helps clients meet a diverse set of tactical and strategic objectives aimed at improving productivity and quality while saving money. Effective outsourcing allows a firm to focus on their core business - doing what they do best.

An early TADAccounting innovation was Realtime©. Realtime makes it possible for CPA/bookkeeper teams and their clients to simultaneously access and manipulate data files in ”realtime“. Although Realtime technology has been copied by others, TADAccounting was the first in the marketplace to offer it.

In 2001, in response to the growing number of CPA firms desiring to offer their own web based accounting services, TADTechnology was launched with its own internally designed and created Web Based Communications Management System. Hosting any application, this innovative technology allows CPA firms who subscribe to offer fully integrated online outsourced accounting services to their own clients, hire remote workers, and work from any internet connection in the world.

Coming this year, TADOnline will be offering to host accounting and other business applications for any business. That means that business owners can use TADOnline technology and servers for any accounting application, even if accounting services are provided ”in-house“. The business owner will use the technology to support his or her own accounting services department, but without worrying about security, or maintaining, updating, or backing up files. These services will be taken care of for them as part of the hosting agreement.

TADOnline looks forward to continued growth. ”We started with an idea“ said Lance Gildea, ”and we had no idea where it would eventually take us. With the help of an outstanding staff and management team, we have built a viable company that takes advantage of technological innovation as it happens. We try hard to listen to our customers and let them tell us where we should be looking next. And we constantly look for new opportunities for web based accounting. We are excited about the next ten years!“

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