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Minibar Management System

A software system designed by System Concepts for accommodations & food services companies.
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The FOOD-TRAK Minibar Management System (MMS) is designed for hotel and resort operations, and uses industry standard palmtop computer technology to control minibar inventory, post guest sales to PMS systems, and monitor employee productivity.

MMS consists of any number of handheld palm units and a centralized back-office computer. Information is managed using the back-office system, and selected information is downloaded to the handheld units. The system keeps track of inventory levels and variances on stocking carts, as well as inventory placed in the minibars. It also keeps track of each authorized staff member and produces staff productivity reports.

The handheld interface is graphical, displaying large sections of the minibar inventory form on the screen, and can display text in a variety of languages based on user preferences. In this way, a staff member who prefers English may use the unit in the morning, while later that day a staff member who prefers Spanish can easily change the display to show all text in Spanish. Users with color handheld units can also select color preferences on the fly.

The system integrates with PMS and POS systems to allow posting of guest charges to folios. And while sold as a stand-alone product, the MMS can also be integrated into SCI’s flagship FOOD-TRAK System to provide complete inventory control. The system has built in security functions that provide the ability to create user groups and assign a variety of permissions by group. Individual users are assigned passwords and rights based on group affiliation.

Other features include the ability to handle comps, swaps, removals, and new item additions. Par levels can be displayed on the form, and multiple forms can be developed and downloaded to the handheld units for different configurations of minibars. Multiple palmtop hardware choices are available, with some units offering built in barcode scanners and wireless network interfaces.

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