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Goods are moved between storage locations within a single operation using the system’s internal transfer capabilities, while goods can be moved between company operations using the system’s external transfer capabilities. In both cases, requisitions can be developed and forwarded to the location from which the goods are needed. Once there, requisitions can be aggregated, allowing the generation of pick lists and other useful documents to help speed the process. Requisitions can be used to create transfers, thereby eliminating any double entry. Templates can be created for internal and external transfers, as well as for internal and external requisitions, making the job even faster. Frequently ordered goods can be placed on requisition templates, or in the event requisitions are not used, transfer templates can significantly simplify and speed up the process of building transfers.

Internal transfers are especially useful in profit center operations. Through the use of internal transfers, it becomes possible to track variances in usage by inventory location, as opposed to looking at a single variance for the whole operation. Internal transfers are immediately executed by the system, increasing inventory at the receiving location, and decreasing inventory at the sending location.

External transfers occur between separate FOOD-TRAK databases, and are used for moving goods from one operation to another. Transferred goods are automatically posted to the receiving location, assuming the two databases are on the same network. If the two databases are not connected, transfers are made using the system’s e-mail capabilities or by saving the data to a disk for transport to the receiving system.

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