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System Concepts

A developer of business management software.

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System Concepts, Inc. (SCI) is the developer of the FOOD-TRAK System and is one of the world’s first companies to specialize in the field of food and beverage management automation. Our narrow specialization and large client base has resulted in a level of software sophistication and consulting expertise unrivaled in the industry. With over 10,000 clients in more than 18 countries, our success has been built one client at a time.

Our focus on knowledge-building and personal, on-site involvement in consulting, automated solution implementation and ongoing success is a key to our clients’ ability to save significant time and money by bulletproofing their F&B operation.

SCI utilizes a project approach, incorporating a diverse set of documented steps and procedures customized for each client to help ensure success. Beginning with a total assessment of the client’s operation and objectives, we focus on integrating the F&B operation into the entire organization structure.

If the client chooses to automate, a staged project plan is developed to build an accurate database and systematically implement the system, integrate it with existing systems, produce meaningful results and react to the results effectively. The end result is a fully implemented system producing maximum benefit and immediate positive impact on profitability.

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