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Objective - To serve as the foundation for the SYSPRO system and seamlessly integrate all applications for easy flow, a user-friendly interface, and efficient data processing, and to define the environment and access parameters

The Value of SYSPRO System Manager

  • Configuration Options: Use only those features required
  • Stationary formats and tables: Design individual stationary forms and create standard reference tables to reduce repetitive keystrokes and data entry error
  • Security: Sensitive data and critical data processing functions are protected by SYSPRO’s multilevel security system
  • User Interface: SYSPRO’s powerful user interface allows the easy and efficient processing of data
  • Printer Manager: Controls the destination and form of printed reports by selecting Windows printing or by defining your own print library
  • G/L Integration: Defines how each module integrates to the General Ledger, in detail or summary

User Interface

  • Personalized interface provides state-of-the-art features for customization and ease of use
  • Retains settings per operator thereby supporting roaming
  • Defines a favorite menu per operator that can be launched from anywhere in the system
  • Defines task lists with single or multiple programs
  • Tasks may be recurring with auto reminder
  • Automatically insert tasks into Microsoft Outlook
  • Use standard explorer-type menu or publish each menu as an HTML page
  • On-line browse and search facility quickly accesses key information such as ledger codes, customer accounts, etc.
  • User-defined menus per operator, group or company
  • Triggers (Windows API) allow launching of custom programs after certain functions, enabling customization without source changes
  • Multimedia objects may be added to static information
  • Context sensitive help with ability to bookmark, annotate, search and print
  • Translatable report heading and text
  • Third party or SYSPRO programs can be run from user-defined menus

System Requirements

  • The System Manager module is mandatory with the use of the SYSPRO system

Configuration Options

  • Define how each module operates
  • Update the options as requirements change
  • When the software is enhanced, choose new features to utilize
  • Changing management policies can be quickly and easily tested and implemented

Stationary Formats and Tables

  • Design stationary using Word templates or bitmaps, or map to pre-printed forms
  • Selected fields can be printed as bar codes
  • Standard tables can easily be modified to reflect changes in customer and supplier terms, tax rates, etc.
  • Buying and selling exchange rates are easily updated via tables


  • Track user activity via the job logging system
  • Password protect sensitive functions
  • Security is defined per group
  • Access levels are controlled per module program and/or per transaction and field