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Objective - To create realistic purchasing and production schedules, optimize stock holdings and identify capacity constraints in a multi-site, multi-warehouse environment.

The Value of SYSPRO Requirements Planning

  • Assists with the planning of materials and production capacity required to meet demand
  • Identifies levels of usage of critical resources for rough-cut capacity planning
  • Allows for the easy creation of build schedules from Master Production Schedule (MPS) suggestions and shop floor
  • Suggests purchasing, production and transfer schedule to satisfy demand
  • Powerful, on-screen reviews enable the creation and amending of purchase orders and jobs based on suggestions
  • Snapshot function allows the testing of plans before updating the live system
  • Identifies potential over-supply
  • Identifies average queue times
  • Preview of reports to screen and e-mail capabilities

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

  • Calculates material and capacity requirements under an infinite or finite capacity assumption
  • Creates actual purchase orders or requisitions from suggestions
  • Creates actual work orders from suggestions
  • Creates supply chain transfers from suggestions for transfers between warehouses
  • Suggests changes to existing purchase orders and jobs based on changes in demand
  • Provides detailed pegging information in queries and reports
  • The Gross Requirements rule is defined per item
  • Allows user-defined planning frequencies, lead times and planning horizons for time fence indicators
  • Provides a seamless link to the Advanced Scheduler
  • Has MRP query with pegging
  • The capacity load is viewed in a bar chart or report form
  • Quickly identifies overloaded work centers
  • Gives critical resource planning queries
  • Provides bucketless planning that can be viewed and reported in any time period

Audit Trails and Reporting

  • Comprehensive reports include Capacity Loading, Material Requirements, Suggested Work Orders, Suggested Purchase Orders, Pegging and Resource Requirements
  • Action Reports include: Build Schedule, Job, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Forecast, Safety Stock and Capacity
  • Calculates projected available and available to promise
  • Provides review of late supplies


  • Integrates with the Sales Orders & Invoicing, Quotations & Estimating, Inventory Control, Work in Progress, Bill of Materials and Purchase Order modules
  • E-mail reports with the Office Automation module
  • Requirements Planning requires the Inventory Control module