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Objective - To improve work flow communication and response times, both internally and externally, through the use of e-mailing and faxing directly from within SYSPRO. In addition, the Event Management feature can automatically notify key people of critical events or run a program, thus accelerating action on these important issues.

The Value of SYSPRO Office Automation

  • E-mail on-line or in batch: customer statements, purchase orders, invoices, account information and other reports
  • E-mail SYSPRO reports internally or externally
  • Messages are saved in Microsoft Exchange In/Out box or any MAPI compliant product (i.e. Lotus Notes)
  • Uses the Microsoft Exchange Address Books to ensure accurate delivery of messages and reports
  • E-mail messages are triggered by event management
  • Uses word templates for document forwards


  • Integration to Microsoft Fax, WinFax Pro or any other MAPI compliant product provides the means to optionally fax:
  • Purchase orders at the point where the purchase order print has been entered
  • Remittance advices and purchase orders to separate fax numbers
  • Sales order documents at the point where the sales order document has been entered
  • Customer statements from the A/R Statement Print function
  • Fax documents are saved to Microsoft Exchange where they are queued for faxing
  • Office Automation requires Microsoft Exchange or Outlook
  • MS Word required to fax or email documentsEvent Management
  • Allows SYSPRO to monitor events in the system as they happen and automatically inform one or more people about the event
  • Events can trigger e-mail, run another SYSPRO program, run another application, or write to a log file for later review
  • Customize triggers with effectivity dates
  • Place standard variables in the command line to specify desired events
  • Conditional logic adds intelligence to notification i.e. only the buyer of that item is emailed

Audit Trails and Reporting

  • All events are automatically saved to a log file which can be queried on-screen and printed

Sample Events

  • Stock on hand negative
  • Stock less than safety or minimum
  • Stock above maximum
  • Goods receipt
  • Bank balance less than specified parameter
  • Customer balance is greater than the percentage of allowed credit limit
  • Supplier balance greater than specified parameter
  • Job costs exceed expected
  • Lot quantity on hand falls to zero
  • New stock item added
  • Customer now within credit limit
  • Sales order released from credit check
  • Access security breach attempt
  • General Ledger YTD actual greater than YTD budget by specific percentage
  • New supplier added
  • New customer added
  • Requisition routed to another user
  • Estimate available for use
  • Security breach attempt