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Objective - To provide manufacturers and distributors in the Plastics, Steel, Rubber, Paper and Lumber industries with the ability to maximize yields, minimize waste, and return tracked remnants to inventory.

Many manufacturing and distribution facilities sell materials according to customer-specific dimensional requirements. This means that a customer does not often purchase a standard size that is in stock, but instead orders a custom size. This requires a supplier to yield and cut material from existing inventory, another branch’s inventory, purchase material from a vendor, or do a combination of each. This type of order typically leads to off-cuts (remnants) being created during the cutting operation. Depending on the type of material being cut, the remnants may have a value and would need to be returned to inventory without having to manually create a new part number each time.

The Value of the Material Yield System (MYS) for SYSPRO

  • Allows more accurate inventory evaluation
  • Provides efficient tracking and monitoring of remnants
  • Saves time by automatically calculating the best yield
  • Maximizes efficiency of personnel while reducing labor and restocking costs
  • Allows for less wastage and scrap from original materials, minimizing the need for finding environmentally safe disposal

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

  • Creates a yield calculation while processing a quotation or a sales order for cut sheet, rod, or tube products
  • Automatically calculates customer-specific dimensional requirements with the resulting yields displayed from existing inventory in multiple locations
  • Creates a cutting workflow if any cutting operations are required
  • Allows sales persons to be in complete control of the actual items selected for order processing
  • Assists the user to correctly create the inventory part by including information such as material type, shape, and dimensional characteristics
  • Handles the issuing of raw material to a job, receipting the cut item and remnants back into stock, without manually creating new inventory codes
  • Updates the cost of goods sold for a line item
  • Remnants returned to stock can be put back at zero cost or have a value placed according to needs
  • Assigns new stock codes automatically based on dimensions
  • Allows customization of inventory screens to user specifications and industry-specific terminology
  • Issues purchase orders to appropriate vendor or requisitions to purchasing if sufficient inventory is not on hand
  • Provides the optional ability to change product type or terminology (rod, tube, sheet, etc.) to accommodate specific industries
  • Gives efficient pricing with orders
  • Allows the ability to scale price when creating sales orders
  • Creates job operations for cutting and quality assurance


  • MYS integrates with the Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, and Work in Progress modules
  • MYS requires the Sales Orders, Inventory Control, and Work in Progress modules