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Objective - To trace items from their source to current location while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates.

The Value of SYSPRO Lot Traceability

  • Maintains a history of traceable items for accountability and customer service follow-up
  • Keeps detailed notes about inspections
  • Provides reject control and documentation
  • Furnishes shelf life control
  • Traces semi-finished or finished products from the supplier of raw materials through to the customer
  • Allows for the same lot number to be used for multiple stock items
  • Archives information on traceable items to conserve disk resources
  • Provides for an on-screen query of current and/or archived data

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

  • Query by item use (which customer, invoice, etc.) or by which item supply (i.e., which supplier, P/O, etc.)
  • Traces serialized and non-serialized inventory items
  • Automatically assigns sequential lot numbers by the system, or unique numbers as goods are received
  • Lot number may default to work order number, for easy traceability
  • Two-step purchase order receiving for quality control inspection
  • Documents all rejects and scrap
  • Flexible search program locates data when lot or serial numbers are not known
  • Optional auto-depletion
  • Audit Trails and Reporting
  • Extensive reporting in detail or summary
  • Report on current and/or archived costs


  • Lot Traceability integrates with the Inventory Control, Work in Progress, Purchase Orders and the Sales Orders & Invoicing modules
  • Lot Traceability requires the Inventory Control module
  • Preview of reports to screen
  • E-mail reports with the Office Automation module